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Judy Blue Freckled Out's Sister (THE.BEST) Bleach splash Boyfriend Jeans

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Bleach splash? Check! Super soft denim with fantastic stretch? Check! Flattering boyfriend fit? check!! These are a fan favorite here at Freckled Poppy and I'm sure you can see why!

No words are enough to describe the amazingness of these jeans. If you have Freckled Out - you now exactly what we're talking about as these are her sister!! Same fit but lots of style differences! These have more of an intense grain contrast between the seams and thighs, different distressing detailing, and no open knee holes... but they have all the same buttery soft stretch, crazy fantastic graining, and INSANE comfort you know from the OGs!

Fit: FLEX SIZING BABY!! You should absolutely size down 1 from your true size - if you like a very relaxed waist stay there! If you like a more fitted waist/hourglass gals you can size down 2! Everyone (plus and non plus), regardless of body shape could size down 2! 

IF you can't decide on sizing - sizing down 1 will be fine! Relaxed overall fit, comfort galore, and visually you can see very little difference between sizing down 1 and 2! 

Measurements (From a size 7):
Rise: 9.5 inches (11 plus)
Inseam: 30.5 inches uncuffed 

Fabric: 93% cotton; 6% poly; 1% spandex