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Judy Blue Genie in a Bottle Trouser Flare Jeans

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There is something magical about a good flare jean - they visually balance out your figure, highlight your curves, and give you legs for days! We call this pair Genie in a Bottle as they are just the magic we sometimes need! As soon as you put them on you're going to feel a burst of confidence (and comfort!) all in one!

The fabrication of these jeans is SO soft and comfortable. They have amazing stretch that stretches to hug your curves and then bounces right back into place! These jeans give women with straighter figures the illusion of curves and our curvy ladies the perfect balance! 

These jeans are non distressed and have a stunning trouser hem which is trending everywhere! We love trouser hems as they can be dressed up for work but worn cool and casual as well! We love a multi-purpose pair of jeans ! 

If there is a pair of jeans that is going to boost your confidence, give you all day comfort, and fit your body perfectly - it's this pair! Give them a try and we think you'll fall in love! 

FIT ADVICE! Here at Freckled Poppy we're known for the BEST fit advice! We have less than a 1% return rate on jeans as we take getting fit right seriously here! Please listen to the below fit advice for the perfect fitting jeans! 

First: If you're new to women's odd sizes, take your highest even size and subtract 1 to get your true size.  If you straddle two even sizes, your true odd size is the middle size. For example, an even size 10 is an odd size 9.  Someone that is a 6-8 would be a true size 7. Now that you know your true size, follow the fit advice on each individual pair. 

Next is fit for this pair: These jeans fit SO dang well. Truly from first wear they'll be molded to your body in the most perfect way. They have SO much stretch and are made from a really soft denim! They have a subtle high rise!

Sizes 1-15: Size down 1 from your true size! These have a roomy fit so sizing down 1 will ensure the perfect fit. 

PLUS: If you want a fitted waist (usually my hour glass ladies or women who do not carry their weight there) size down 1! If you prefer a relaxed waist or carry weight in your tummy, go true to size for the perfect fit. 


Rise (size 7): 10"
Inseam (size 7): 33.5"

Rise (size 16W): 11"
Inseam (size 16W): 33.5"

Fabric: 66% Cotton, 21% Polyester, 12% Rayon, 1% Spandex

FP Babes’ Sizing:

Ashley (medium auburn hair): TTS 0 with a boxy figure and the 0 fit great!

Alex (long blonde hair): TTS 3 with a very boxy figure and sized down 1 to the 1

Sylvia (medium brown hair with highlights) TTS 7 with an hourglass figure and sized down to the 5. 

Sarah (short brown hair): TTS 16W with a pear figure and the 14w fit for a snatched waist and the 16w for a more relaxed waist. 

Melissa (blonde hair): TTS 16W with a curvy figure lovesss the 16w!