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Judy Blue High Rise Medium Wash Fringe Pocket Slim Fit Jeans

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These jeans are a total statement pair! They've got fringe all over, from the front to the back and down to the hem! We love this added pop of texture on these medium wash slim fits. They have a high rise waist and give the most flattering figure to everyone who wears them! You can wear them for a night out or your day-to-day to jazz up your look with a fun and unique style. Add a block heel and a fitted bodysuit for the most stunning outfit in no time y'all. 

First: If you're new to women's odd sizes, take your highest even size and subtract 1 (this is NOT sizing down).  If you straddle two even sizes, your true odd size is the middle size. That is then your starting point for every pair (and is not sizing down).  From there follow the fit for each individually. 

Next is fit for this pair: 


Rise (size 7): 11''
Rise (size 16W): 12''

Inseam: 28''

Fabric: 94% Cotton, 5% Polyester, 1% Spandex 

FP Babes’ Sizing:

MJ (long brown hair with highlights): TTS 0 with an hourglass figure and 

Alex (long blonde hair): TTS 3 with a very boxy figure and

Kira (medium brown hair): TTS 5 with an hourglass figure and

Victoria (long brown hair): TTS 5 with an hourglass figure and

Sylvia (medium brown hair with highlights) TTS 7 with an hourglass figure and

Sarah (short brown hair): TTS 16W with a pear figure and

Melissa (blonde hair): TTS 16W with a curvy figure