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Judy Blue Holy GRAIL of Dark Wash Classic Boot Cut Jeans

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Well hello there, babe! These are THE HOLY GRAIL of bootcut denim! Seriously! They have FABULOUS stretch, the most flattering cut, the perfect year round wash.. goodness!! They feel like a pair of jeans you've had since forever that has molded to your body. Slurp. The best part about bootcut is it's flattering on ALL body styles - it gives a straight and narrow gal the appearance of an hour glass and it gives my hippy gals a balanced figure. If you don't own bootcut - grab these and give them a try!

First: If you're new to women's odd sizes, take your highest even size and subtract 1 (this is NOT sizing down).  If you straddle two even sizes, your true odd size is the middle size. That is then your starting point for every pair (and is not sizing down).  From there follow the fit for each individually. 

Next is fit for this pair:

OK best jeans EVER!!! They're lightweight, stretchy, and figure flattering!

SIZES 1-15 Size down 1. If you want a lock and loaded fit and don't carry weight in your belly, you can size down 2. 

PLUS: size down 1


Rise (size 7): 10.5"
Rise (size 16W): 12''


Fabric: 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% Spandex