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Judy Blue Medium Wash High Rise Straight Leg Jeans with Side Seam Surprise

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These straight leg jeans have so much added style! These beauts are a gorgeous medium wash with a dark wash contrast on the side seam, ending in a released hem with side slits! We love the color contrast here and how much visual interest you get with this pair. They are mostly nondistressed except for a few details on the front pockets, and high waisted for an elongated appearance in the legs!

These jeans pair the comfort of a high rise with the super slimming straight leg fit for the ultimate pair of jeans! They are soft, SOOO STRETCHY!!! and jam packed with style! We're so happy to finally see a departure from the everyday blue jean - we don't all want to look like everyone else!


First: If you're new to women's odd sizes, take your highest even size and subtract 1 (this is NOT sizing down) TO GET YOUR TRUE SIZE. If you straddle two even sizes, your true odd size is the middle size. That is then your starting point for every pair (and is not sizing down).  From there follow the fit for each individually. 

Next is fit for this pair: These jeans have a subtle high rise, tons of stretch, and a straight leg fit! 

PLUS: true to size for the perfect comfort fit!

Sizes 1-15 SIZE DOWN 1 from your true size! There is plenty of room in the waist and super stretchy thighs!


Rise (size 7): 11''
Rise (size 16W): 12''

Inseam: 32''

Fabric: 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% Spandex